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German manufacturer Nobilia offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of modern kitchens in the world. They are also dedicated to keeping impeccable attention to detail, ensuring quality during their manufacturing process and still innovating with new ranges and kitchen features. If it is a modern kitchen you want, then we are convinced Nobilia will have something that suits.


Price group one

The speed range provides a premium, quality door at an extremely affordable price considering. Speed door fronts are available in 6 different matt shades: Alpine white, white softmatt, ivory and satin grey. The remaining door finishes are Black Concrete, a unique textured door to that will add a touch of style to any Kitchen and Virginia Oak, which is an oak reproduction door that is a staple in the kitchen industry and works.

The colour choices available in the speed range are well complemented with a range of Nobilia laminate worktops. With wood and marble effects to complement each shade in the range.


Price group two

This range gets its name from the lasered polymer edge used to create the matching matt finish on both door edges and door fronts. This door comes in the same matt finishes as the speed range, with the addition of Sand. A gentle and soft shade which is commonly complemented with white or wood tones.

The laser door is the most affordable door in Nobilia’s range of Line N kitchens. Line N is Nobilia’s version of a true handleless kitchen. Line N Kitchens come with an anodised aluminium profile and is available in Eight colours. This profile runs across the top of the units behind the doors allowing you to open it without a handle. This style provides a clean ultra-modern, stylish look and is Nobilia’s most popular choice of opening system for a modern kitchen.


Price group two

The rio door is a stand-alone door, which is only available in a Virginia oak finish. This door is identical to the aforementioned speed door, with the only difference being that the grain on this door runs in a horizontal direction providing a slightly different aesthetic.

Like many oak effect doors, the Rio door is often used as a secondary or accent colour in a kitchen, where it adds a natural touch to an otherwise completely modern space. As the shade of the Rio door is not too light and not too dark it can also be used as the sole colour in a kitchen adding a really earthy and natural feel to a kitchen.


Price group two

The Riva has five colour choices. Three of these are a texture concrete finishes, concrete white, concrete grey and concrete slate grey. The other two doors are San Remo oak and Somerset oak reproduction. The light oak shade these doors deliver offers a more Scandinavian minimalist feel, which when paired with one of the concrete colours is another great way to a truly unique Kitchen.

Combining these colours is extremely popular, with popular choices often natural oak doors or plainer doors like from the speed range. The Riva range is available in the handleless Line N option and is in fact one of the most popular choices for a modern handleless kitchen.


Price group three

Structura as a range consist of four different wood style doors; Sherwood Oak, Havana Oak, Sierra Oak and Nero Oak. This variety of wood options opens the door to endless colour combinations, accents and bold statements. These doors as with all the previous are backed and faced in a hard-wearing melamine and edged with a colour matching polymer.

Again, because ability to combine with other ranges and colours, Structura is a very popular choice. The different shades of oak in Structura range each give a different feel to the kitchen.


Price group three

The Touch door is one of our most popular. It is a matt range but the super-matt finish means it is silky touch. A lacquered laminate coating makes this door highly resistant to fingerprints and other marks.

The touch range comes in 7 colours; Alpine White, Ivory, Satin Grey, Stone Grey, Aqua, Slate Grey and Black. Touch work well accented with, Riva, Stoneart doors or Concept colours and in satin grey the touch range possess one of Nobilia’s most popular door fronts. It can also look great on its own combined with a quartz or granite worktops.


Price group three

Flash is manufactured in the same way as the touch door. The main difference between the two is that the flash range focuses on gloss kitchens. Gloss kitchens are a fantastic option for an ultra-modern kitchen.

The great thing about a glossy kitchen is that alternative textures can easily be incorporated through textured flooring or textured worktops. Gloss kitchens are also popular as the tend to create a lighter kitchen atmosphere. This is because the gloss finish reflects light back into the room, lacquered UV coating prevents discolouration from direct sunlight maintaining the quality of the door for many years to come.


Price group four

The easytouch range is a new addition to the Nobilia catalogue. It is a lacquered laminate door with its distinguishing feature being that it is manufactured with an anti-fingerprint layer. This range has been introduced to combat fingerprint marks on matt doors, with no visible grease or dirt marks being left after a touch.

Easytouch comes in two colours graphite black and the distinct rust red. Both shades help create an ultra-modern feel in a kitchen and also both available in the handleless line N option.


Price group four

Stoneart is a range manufactured to bring the outside in, focusing on two slate based shades and harnessing the trend for textured grey doors. The colours grey slate reproduction and stone grey slate reproduction are an ideal combination for an ultra-modern bank of units, helping bring immense texture to a room.

For a combination colour we would recommend a shade from the touch range, with the two matt textures both very complementary of each other. Stoneart is another door style available in handleless Line N, adding to the vast selection of modern doors.


Price group four

The Brushed Steel Reproduction door used for the Inox range is made from lacquered laminate and replicates the slick look of a commercial kitchen. If you want a super stylish, ultra-modern kitchen then Inox is the perfect range for you. As you would expect with this door it is available with Line N Handleless doors, helping you create an industrial kitchen space.

Only available in a single finish, brushed steel, this door has a light horizontal brushed effect. Because this door is often creates a harsh feel, we would recommend adding warmth to an Inox kitchen through either wood effect doors or a warm wood effect door.


Price group four

A fully lacquered door is one of the upmost quality, with fantastic durableness and resistance to wear the Fashion range is an extremely suitable door because of its composition. With popular shades Alpine white, honed white, ivory and satin grey being a common choice in the fashion range, Nobilia have added another this year.  Stone grey is the new addition to colour options in this range, complementing the other four colours in this range.

The beauty of the fashion range is that is that any of door colours can easily be combined for a strong aesthetic but also keeping the same texture throughout the kitchen. This range is also available in the handleless line N option.


Price group four

The focus door is an extremely clean door which is also square edged. We have this door on display in in both our Horsham and Worthing showrooms as it looks great in both handled and handleless form.

If you aspire to the ultimate modern kitchen we would always suggest using the focus door as the ultra-high gloss teams fantastically well with Quartz Worktops, and glass splashbacks. For a more cost effective option, Nobilia’s own range of high quality laminate worktops and cladding options can also help create an ultra-modern space. Visit one of our showrooms to discover the alluring features of the focus range.


Price group five

The handle on the inline range is ‘J profiled’. This means that it does not require a handle as the handle is routed into the top of the door itself. As this door has its own inbuilt handle, it is not available in Line N. It is only available in one colour, honed Alpine white, which is a smooth matt painted finish.

The J profile handle has generally been taken over by the more common true handleless options. However, it still has its benefits, one being that it is great at creating a very clean and contemporary style, while also remaining an extremely functional handle option.


Price group eight

Cemento is another new addition to the Nobilia kitchen range for this year. It is by far the most labour intensive door Nobilia supply as it is hand finished. The clean appearance of the Cemento door can only be described as a smooth plastered wall in a lighter grey colour.

Being hand finished it has natural imperfections in the door which add to its industrial charm, while also attesting to the increasing popularity of polished concrete in the home. The Cemento range works best in the handleless line N option where it will also appeal to those seeking an almost clinical kitchen environment.


Price group nine

The lux door is a fully lacquered high gloss door and is the most premium gloss door Nobilia offer. Lux has smooth radiused edges which are painted and coated in high quality Italian lacquer. Lux comes in the following five high gloss colours: white, ivory, Alpine white, satin grey and slate grey. Each can be used as a single colour in a kitchen for a luxurious finish or can be combined to contrast or complement.

Lux is the best in German manufactured modern kitchen doors and it the ultimate choice for a glossy modern kitchen. The Lux door is available in handleless Line N for a deluxe handlesless kitchen finish.


Price group nine

The Pura door is the last of Nobilia’s German manufactured modern kitchen ranges. It utilises the exact same door and finish as the Lux door, with the only difference being that a Pura door has an integrated ‘J profile handle’. Similar to the Inline door the handle on a Pura door is integrated into the top of the door, allowing leverage through the ‘J profile’ handle.

The Pura range is available solely in the extremely popular white high gloss shade. As shown by the fern units in the adjacent kitchen, a Pura kitchen is another that can be seamlessly combined with the bright tones of Nobilia’s colour concept range. With several other bright shades available it is easy to put your own stamp on a Pura kitchen.

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