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A modern kitchen can work well in any space, you can create a seamless modern space in a contemporary home, or you can bring a more traditional home up to date with a modern and clean kitchen suite. Either way at Alexander we have several partners to help you choose the perfect option for your kitchen space.


Daval are a premium kitchen furniture manufacturer from Yorkshire in England. What makes Daval unique among other partners is their made-to-measure Option-I manufacturing process. This is one of the reasons Daval is such a popular choice for a new modern kitchen.

With a modern kitchen from Daval you will not be short of options. Daval’s modern kitchen portfolio consists of eight stunning ranges each with alternative features that will help define your kitchen space. Daval mainly focus on more neutral kitchen tones, pale colours and darker black and brown shades. One of Daval’s most popular ranges Langham is perfect for contrast in the kitchen, with its earthy and rugged texture, many choose to combine Langham shades with a mid to dark colour for stunning contrast.


Mereway are a British kitchen manufacturer that over the last thirty years have become renowned for their luxury classic British kitchens. But just over fifteen years ago Mereway launched their new Italian inspired modern kitchen range named Cucina Colore. Ever since, the Cucina Colore range has been hugely successful and is always one of the most popular displays in our showrooms.

The Cucina Colore features three modern handle styles that help create a fresh feel in your kitchen space. The first is a Lastra handle which utilises a range of modern handle styles including, bar handles, D handles and square handles. The Futura is a handleless kitchen that makes use of a handrail which comes in a variety of complementary colours. Lastly the Segreto integrated handle uses a ‘J’ profile handle and is a fantastic option for a consistent kitchen.


Nobilia are a German kitchen manufacturer who have been operating in the fitted kitchen market for over seventy years, their experience of creating modern kitchens is unparalleled being the largest manufacturer of fitted kitchens in Europe. As a German company, Nobilia specialise in modern kitchens with straight clean lines and fine precise design.

As the largest fitted kitchen manufacturer in Europe, choice is a word that can definitely be associated with a modern Nobilia kitchen. Fifteen modern ranges make up the extensive selection of Nobilia kitchens available, each with different characteristics from the last and all with several colour options. Nobilia also supply their own range of durable laminate worktops which can help incorporate a secondary colour or an accent colour for consistency.

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