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When it comes to kitchen design customers natural focus is the door colour, shape and style. When really some of the most important decisions you may face when choosing your new kitchen are those things to in fact completement your chosen doors. In this blog we’re going to be wading through the advantages and disadvantages of each type of worktop, so that when you come to choose your new kitchen you know the kind of worktops that are right for you.

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When you think of kitchen worktop you probably imagine laminate. As the most used worktop type in British kitchens laminate is popular choice not only because of cost. Over the last ten years the quality of laminate worktops has vastly improved, now with certain laminate worktops being highly resistant to staining and marking. Being the UK’s most popular worktop choice suppliers and manufacturers have reacted by producing a huge selection of different, colours, effects and textures available in laminate form. Laminate worktops now also come with a vast range of widths, with thinner laminate worktops suiting newer modern kitchens and thicker chunkier laminate worktops suiting the more traditional kitchen with a realistic range of wood effect textures. One area in which laminate is inferior is when considering sink options. Because of the laminate material you are unfortunately restricted to an inset or sit on sink, whereas with Quartz, Corian and Granite you have more sink options for example undermounting a sink.

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Quartz is a natural substance that when combined with resins and polymers creates an extremely stylish worksurface. The main benefit of a quartz worktop is its durability. An estimated 95% of ground natural quartz makes up the material, which when finished is actually non-porous meaning water, bacteria and other substances cannot enter the worktop, breed in it or create cracks in it. Quartz worktops do have to be fitted by a specialist fabricator but when fitted are not subjected to scratching and can even endure twice the impact resistance that a granite worktop can. Quartz worktops work exceptionally well in both modern and traditional kitchens, adding earthy texture and tone to a modern kitchen while also being able to carry on a luxurious feel in a traditional kitchen.


Corian is a man-made worktop alternative that is made by the Du Point group. As Corian is made from a synthetic material the joins that you often see with a laminate or even quartz worktop and almost non-existent. Again, as a non-porous material Corian is resistant to the spreading of bacteria, stains and as a result easy to clean with standard cleaning products. Corian is also heat resistant up to 212°F although direct heat application should be minimised as with all worktops, however if a Corian worktop is damaged it can be repaired. A Corian worktop also has the benefit of an additional matt coating that will minimise any potential scratches that could easily ruin the worktop.

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Granite is a naturally occurring igneous rock that has been compressed for millions of years under the Earth’s surface, when quarried and then milled into workable slabs granite can then be used to create stunning worktops. Similar to quartz, granite is extremely durable, challenging to scratch and resistant to temperature change. But unlike quartz, granite does require significant maintenance: including regular cleaning and occasionally resealing. Being a completely natural stone there are limited colour choices with granite and with each piece being completely unique, flecks in the material can be inconsistent. One of the reasons granite worktops are so popular is because the natural appearance and the patterns within a granite worktop cannot be replicated with any other material.

If you require more information about the worktops mentioned in this blog, then why not request an appointment below? Alternatively, you can visit one of our showrooms to see samples and displays of all the worktops mentioned.

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