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The Bora Pure is a recent addition to the collection of Bora cooktop extractors and having launched in 2019, the popularity of the Pure concept also led to the introduction of the X Pure model in early 2020. Like all Bora cooktop extractors, the Pure combines the function of both a hob and an extractor in one appliance. The beauty of the Pure hob lies in its sleek design and powerful extraction system which is sucked in through interchangeable Pued which can be ordered in one of six colours. The hob is spacious enough to use up to four 24cm pans at a single time, with the extraction system still being able to extract all cooking fumes and residue. The Pure like all Bora hobs utilises sControl technology, eSwap and simple cleaning technology and minimal volume for a simple and easy cooking experience.


The Bora X Pure builds on the recent launch of the Pure cooktop extractor just with a few additional features for a straightforward cooking experience. Like the previous, sControl technology allows for smooth operation, with minimal volume and simple cleaning enabled through eSwap technology and the ability to efficiently clean all removable parts in a dishwasher. One of the main features of the X Pure is the large surface induction zone which enables warming of oversized pots and even roasters, through flexible induction technology. Variable heat retention technology is also used in the X Pure to ensure food is kept at one of three optimum temperatures so it is ready for serving. The X Pure even makes more space around the kitchen with low level installation reducing wastage of cupboard or drawer space.


The Classic 2.0 takes a slightly different approach to cooking as its modular design means that there are several different possibilities based on your preferred cooking style. With the Classic 2.0 you can combine an induction cooktop on one side with dual gas rings, dual induction cooking rings, dual induction cooking rings with combination option, tepan yaki or even a built-in ceramic wok. The Classic 2.0 is built around you, if you love seared meat and fish a tepan is an ideal choice, if you like roasting, optional combination zones may be suitable or for stir frying an inbuilt wok would be an excellent choice. Alongside this automatic extraction will adapt to the necessary requirements of the food being made, so there’s no need for manual adjustment. All of this alongside standard ultra-quiet operation and sControl operation technology.


The Bora Professional takes precise and bespoke cooking to the next level, with seven alternative cooktop configurations including wok, tepan yaki, gas and combination zones. The modular design of the Professional 2.0 much like the classic means that three or even more alternative cooking areas can be incorporated into a single hob. Instead of using sControl technology like the rest of the Bora cooktop extractors the professional uses an intricate knob control system which allows for delicate alterations to temperature, heat retention and manual extraction. Precise temperature control of up to 250°C can be achieved in just five minutes with rapid heating technology while a heat retention system again features in this advanced hob. The Professional 2.0 is truly one of the most technically advanced cooking systems in the world.

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